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How Do I Live
Without Shoes?

How Do I Live Without Shoes
Lyrics by Brian Stokes
(To the tune of Leanne Rymes' "How do I Live Without You")

My feet hurt, if I go outside without shoes
That's why I need shoes in my life
But it's not all just comfort
Oh I...need them to match with all my clothes
and fill my closets, I suppose

These shoes on my feet
Baby I've got forty-two pairs of them...
Or is it three?

So tell me now
How do I live without shoes?
I want to know
Can't go outside without shoes
I could stub my toes
How will i ever...ever survive...?
Oh how will I live

How will I .. ever get to wear all my shoes?
There are way too many to choose
Too bad I don't have more feet
Oh come in every color, every style
every shape and every size...

If you were to layy
Every single shoe of mine side-by-side
They'd stretch to Bombayyy

So tell me how
How do I live without shoes?
I can't let them go
When I feel bad I buy shoes
I just can't say no
High heels and sandals keep me alive...
Oh how do I live...

Lyrics by Brian Stokes
(To the tune of Billy Joel's "Pressure")
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You're sick of overpriced CD's (Napster!)
Downloading songs is now a breeze (Napster!)
You'd pay for ones you know you'd like but no,
R.I.A.A. says you're thieves,
Says you're harming artist's lives
Metallica, Dr. Dre... they are poor because of Napster

They say the Industry's at risk (Napster!)
Declining sales of Compact Discs (Napster!)
They sued the pants off
So now they hope that mere law
Can prevent what they fear most.
They'd lose control of the game,
And they put the blame on Napster...

How will artists make money now?
Seems like we can find a way how
Buy from them and not some cartel
R.I.A.A. ... bid it farewell
(aveda zein)


The fate of Napster is unknown (Napster)
The court could have it overthrown (Napster)
But see, technology just won't give in
For as we speak, thousands more
Little Napsters have sprout up
Across the Net. What's at stake?
Share this song online with Napster!

Sometimes change is hard to accept,
Those who adapt, will not regret.

(instrumental 2)


You see, technology just won't give in
R.I.A.A says you're thieves, says you're pirates in disguise
Listening to songs is a crime, and they cannot handle Napster!

mmm, Napster
1 2 3 4 Napster

Lyrics by Brian Stokes
(To the tune of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition")
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Roman crucifixion, danglin' in the sands,
Troublemaker punished, nails right through His hands,
Jew and Roman conflicts, the prophecies that say
Future will be peaceful, Messiah on its way

When you believe in Kings coming back from the dead,
As your religion
Crucifixion is the way.

It's Divine eviction, a rock was in the way
Holy Intervention, a miracle they say
Morning it was empty, no body in the cave
They called it Resurrection, the Son of God was saved

When you believe in Kings coming back from the dead,
As your religion
Crucifixion is the way.

Roman crucifixion, it's how it all began
Made a brand new Bible, like Torah and Koran
Millions of Believers, are still around today
They celebrate at Easter, and go to church to pray

When you believe in Kings coming back from the dead,
it sounds Egyptian
Crucifixion is the way.


Lyrics Copyright 2000-02, Brian Stokes. Permission granted to share them with anyone as long as credit is given.
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